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Ure-K Spray Coatings Product Details
Thermal Barrier Testing
Ure-K was tested and has been accepted by National Code Bodies and Fire Insurance Companies as a thermal barrier coating over polyurethane foam, used as an interior insulating product.  The following tests satisfied these requirements:
Full Scale Corner Test
Test Method:  A full scale corner test was conducted in accordance with Factory Mutual Building Corner Fire Test Procedure with the test surface applied to the interior of the simulated building structure.  The structure was 25 feet high consisting of a corner wall configuration and a roof or ceiling membrane.  One wall was 50 feet and the other 38 feet long.  The test surface was applied to both the walls and ceiling.  Ure-K was applied 3/4" thick over 1-1/2" polyurethane with a flame spread rating of over 200 in the ASTM-E-84 Tunnel Test procedure.  No sprinklers were used in this test.

Test Conclusions:  Ure-K Spray Coating, applied 3/4" thick is approved for building interior use as a protective coating to delay the ignition and reduce the surface burning rate of low melting, combustible rigid spray-on polyurethane and protect its dimensional stability for a period of 15 minutes in a non-combustible occupancy for unsprinklered wall and ceiling configuration.  Factory Mutual Research Corporation.

Test Method:  The test panel consisted of a urethane foam over which Ure-K was applied.  The urethane foam had a flame spread rating of less than 75, per the manufacturer, and was applied to a 1/2" sheetrock to a thickness of approximately 3".  Ure-K was spray applied over the foam to a nominal thickness of 1 inch.

Test Conclusion:  The finished rating is the shorter time span for a 250°F average of the five thermocouples, or a 375°F maximum temperature rise of one thermocouple above ambient on the unexposed face of the thermal barrier.  Based upon the above criteria, Ure-K as tested had a finished rating of 25 minutes and 1 second.

Enclosed Room Test
Test Method:  The test facility consisted of a fully enclosed 8 x 12 x 8 foot room.  The urethane foam, with a flame spread rating of less than 75, was spray applied to the interior of the room.  A 1" application of Ure-K covered the urethane.  The wood crib fuel source was consturcted of 1.5" x 1.5" sticks of Douglas Fir wood in 15" lengths.  The crib had a weight of 30 lbs.  Temperatures in the room reached a high of 2,013°F.  The length of the test was 30 minutes.

Test Results:  Under these specified test conditions, the Ure-K material did substantially remain in place.  The Ure-K did crack open and recede due to charring in several areas, most notably in the crib corner area.

Test Method:  To evaluate performance of the Ure-K in relation to that of asbestos cement board and red oak flooring under similar fire exposure.  The results are expressed in terms of flame spread, fuel contribution and smoke development during a 10 minute exposure and are recorded as a ratio with asbestos cement board - 0 and red oak flooring - 100.

Test Results:

  • Flame Spread...........10
  • Fuel Contribution......40
  • Smoke Development...0
  • International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) - Report No. 3756
  • Southern Building Code Congress (SBCC) - Report No.8817
  • Factory Mutual Research - Serial No. 24703
  • As listed in the January, 1981, Urethane Foam Contractors Association (UFCA) Position Statement which is entitled "Thermal Code Approvals" -
    The same statement is available at:
    1406 Third National Bldg
    Dayton, OH 45402
  • Full test reports are available on request.

    Heat Loss Characteristics
    Ure-K has a K-factor of .28 BTU/hour/square foot/1 inch.
    Product R-value Material Thickness
    Total R-value
    (Combined system)
    Physical Characteristics
    Density: Applied 4.0 - 4.5 lbs per cubic foot
    Noise Reduction Coefficient: .75 NRC when sprayed 1" on solid backing.
    Scope: The contractor shall furnish all labor, materials and equipment required for the installation of Ure-K Spray Coating as manufactured by International Cellulose Corporation, Houston, TX.

    Condition of the Surface: Surface to be sprayed shall be cleaned of all loose dirt, paint, grease, oil or any materials which would prevent a good adhesion of the Ure-K Spray Coating to the urethane.

    Materials: The Ure-K Spray Coating fiber is a cellulosic insulation material.  This fiber, with its special built-in binder, shall be the only fiber used.  The liquid adhesive shall be UK-100 emulsion.  This adhesive bond, after setting up, is resistant to water, freezing.

    Application: All Ure-K Spray Coating installed shall conform to the applicable requirements of national and local building codes and all other authorities having jurisdiction.  The application of Ure-K Spray Coating shall be in strict accordance with the directions and specifications of the manufacturer or contractor approved by the manufacturer.

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