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Comfort Foam®
  • Good for the earth
  • Great for your budget and comfort
    Comfort Foam, a division of Foam Enterprises, Inc., supplies the residential building market with a spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation and air-seal system that provides a code approved, closed cell, highest R-value, seamless building envelope that eliminates the air infiltration problem.
    What Makes Comfort Foam the Best?
    • Comfort Foam completely seals your home to protect from air drafts, moisture infiltration and pests.
    • Comfort Foam controls heat and cold more effectively than conventional insulation products.  You save money - and the environment - because your home requires less heating and cooling to maitain constant temperatures.
    • Only qualified contractors install Comfort Foam into your home.

    Industrial Coatings Co., Inc is a second generation, 50-year company employing only union labor.

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