Odour Control for Industrial Insulation & Coatings Systems

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Insulation is an essential part of building construction. It aims to provide a nonstop thermal barrier to the ceiling, walls, and floors. It also aims to keep any building comfortable and cut down energy costs. Any installation that is not done correctly will reduce insulation performance.

Accumulation of slime, dirt, and sludge may be a significant source of foul odour in a setting. Therefore, it is crucial to fix such problems at the very beginning to maintain a healthy environment. With Odour Control, it is an excellent way to reduce all unpleasant smells. Air Spectrum Environmental Ltd has an extensive range of odour control products required for regular odour elimination activities in your building.

Extra information about Odour Control

Industrial and commercial insulation

Commercial insulation is the professional standard grade product that either has trained specialists to install or a licensed contractor apply, depending upon the product type. Insulation materials offer various degrees of thermal, moisture, fire, and sound protection or reduction throughout any space.

A thorough inspection must be done to acknowledge what area will be utilized and how they would be installed. Initially, the thickness of the material will present a financial investment. This material prevents pipe freeze and condensation where temperatures vary and energy efficiency. Commercial insulation offers fibreglass board and blanket, fibreglass pipe, rock wool blanket, green rock options, and many more for industries that wish to pursue the tiniest carbon footprint.

Roofing insulation

Roof repair is the solution to many insulation problems. Leakages are the number one problem that affects the insulation in buildings. If there is a leak or a roof is damaged by a storm or snow build-up, that building will not protect you against the heat and cold. Furthermore, there may be a problem with the padding in an attic. It may be worn out or old, thinning through and letting heat escape.

Let a qualified company inspect the roof to make sure this isn't happening. They will also advise you whether or not you require to replace what you have. With competent installers, they can also determine what kind of roof insulation makes sense for your building. Note that different buildings respond to different types of packing. A majority of companies also demonstrate how to care for your new roof, after finishing to install your roof. Plus, when and how to call the maintenance for regular roof inspections.

Acoustical and coatings systems

There are many products out in the market; however, conventional paints are not the same as an acoustical coating. The acoustical characteristic can absorb sound and decrease the likelihood of sound waves bouncing off the ceiling, often referred to as an echo chamber.

All acoustical product has built into its surface, holes, crevices, and textures that redirect the sound waves and allow them to pass through to a highly absorbent material under the surface. With this product, it can be applied on the ceiling surface after it has dried; the ceiling tiles are not stuck to the supporting grid system. This coating is also used to restore the aged and discolored ceiling.
There are many different finishes that you can have:

Galvanised Stainless Steel self-color
Powder-coated finishes
Plastisol Coated Steel finish
Paint finishes in any desired color